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Monday, July 9, 2012

Are You Chika's Enough?


Hello shoppers... Watcha doing? Everything fine? I hope so... Even though it is raining in KL. Hope your day is not cloudy as the sky.

Well, great news! We wanted to share happy moment with all of our shoppers. :)

Ever you heard about Chika? Obviously it is not a chikaro the term that always being used by the teens nowadays. Huhu ~ ~ ~

Well, Chika Pow Wow, Chika in short is an auction website where you can bid for the best price for the item that you want. 

Who can give a Samsung Galaxy III for only RM343.40? Maxis RM100 reload coupon for RM0.15? This is real peeps! No joking at all as I had already entered. It is fun! and really exciting! Sometimes you can release your stress too! Hahaha... Why I am saying so? You should

There are so many items to started with! All you need is Chikas which is acted as a token for you to start bid and bid and bid till you win :)

Well... do experiencing it yourself! It is free to Sign Up  (>_<)v

Clicking here and you will directly go to the website :  CHIKA POW WOW


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