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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Hot Water ! Hot Water !

Assalamualaikum . . .

Hello peeps... Morning. How are u feeling today? Baby rasa sangat gembira. Kenapa ek? Sebab hot water tu ke? Hehehehe... Nope la... Just wanna tell you something la...

Meyh la kita bergosip. Gosip? Hush..dosa2!!! Tak baik meyh ~ ~ ~ We wanna tell you that

we are going to upload more stuff ! ! !  Yeay ! ! ! Suka tak???? Tak ? Sukalah... Next update will be brand new stuff at affordable price. Dah kasi kurang kaw2 punya. Lagi? More options and varieties goods to choose and grab. Apa bendanya??? Pashmina, jeans and most like are DRESS and BAJU KURUNG! Auwww  ~ ~ ~  Can't wait for that! 

Just stay tuned ya! Will updated soon!

Happy time with us,
The Fozz's Sisters

Monday, November 22, 2010

P 7

Ouchhhh! Doesn't it looks hot! Wohooooo... Macam baju tido. tapi tak sure la... Bought it from 1 of my fav blog shop! Bahagian atas jenis kait yang jarang-jarang tuh! Refer to last pix. fuhhhh... Class tau baju ni! Let go for


New Update Again Honey !

Seperti yang dijanjikan hari ini akan diadakan New Upload for you peeps ! 

Hope you enjoy it and like it yaw!

Do miss our mom ~ ~ ~ Hehehe...sangat tidak relate  :)

The Fozz Sisters