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Friday, December 3, 2010

BK 007

Cutting dia mengikut body ye.

Details bahagian bahu.
Kain cutting duyung.

Details corak bahagian kain.

Details bahagian lengan.

Details bahagian baju.

My kesayangan ever but has to let go as wardrobe clearance and hardly been use. I don't know bila nak pakai lagi as occasion semakin berkurangan since busy with study. This is really nice kurung modern. It is red in color and in S size. Kain jenis stretchy. Got a lot of nice beads. Will make the pemakai look stunning. Used twice for wedding purpose. Aren't it nice? Bought in at RM170++. Let go for 

RM 80

BK 006

Beralun di atas faktor angin sekali lagi. Sorry

Details on the corak

Details bahagian neck. Ada beads keliling leher

Beads around the hujung tangan.

As stated it is S size and from Mari boutique. It can fit till M. Still in good condition. Bought it at RM 90 ++. Let go for

RM 35


BK 005

And again angin merosakkan kedudukan pic. Sowey

Details on corak.

S size but also can fit XS. Still in good condition. Kain jenis jarang. Refer to the first pic ok. Such a nice attire.

RM 30

RM 18

BK 004

As stated the size is S and from First Lady. Still in good condition as rarely use.

RM 30


BK 003

Pengcahayaan kurang memuaskan bersama angin membuatkan gambar unstable.

Details on kain

Just same like item code BK 002. Estimation size between M and L. Condition perfect! You will look nice and sweet when you put this on. The color is light pink. How adorable. 

RM 25

RM 10

BK 002

Details di bahagian kain

Maaf yer...angin telah menyebabkan baju dalam keadaan unstable.

Baju yang ni anggaran SIZE between M and L. Rarely used and can be say as untouched. Condition perfect like new! For real! Warna gold!

RM 25

RM 10